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Who we are?

We are three entrepreneurs who have long engaged in consulting in digital innovation. Our CEO created a SMS distribution service for marketing automation a few years back. It was during that time that the idea and interest in automation and digitization was flared.

We look into industries where we can automate manual processes and improve, cut costs and digitalize.

Visningsapp is an example of such a solution, it is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, innovative and brokers saves a lot of time and energy. You can finally place a bid right after the showing, we make the process quicker and easier. All of a sudden the buyer will engage without having to call them.

When we present our product for brokers we hear words like “awesome”, “wow”, “cool “,”smart” and “brilliant “.

We are incredibly pleased with visningsapp and hope that you will get much benefit using our system.

You can read more about us and what we have done on our website, http://wegotedge.com

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