How it all works

How it works

A step by step explanation to our service



The broker has a showing as usual but instead of writing up the names manually with pencil and paper the person is prompted to sign up through a tablet or laptop


Digital folder

After the showing has ended, our system distributes emails and text messages to the potential buyer with a specific link as well as uploading all the data to your brokersystem . Follow the link to get to your personal digital folder where you can place bid, read about the apartment and send it through to friends and family.



Manage the distribution of your objects from the same place. Everything from placing bids, statistics, campaigns etc. Allt från budgivning, statistik till kommunikation på ett och samma ställe.



The bidding is done. Buyer and Sellers are satisified. The broker is happy that he was environmental friendly and probably saved about 1-3 hours off every showing he had!


Some of the benefits using our platform

Digital Folder

Finally an alternative to the paper folders

Friendly for the Environment

Fewer physical folders as we digitalize the process

Faster bids

The place bid button makes people act faster and not wait for you as the broker.

Quicker Closings

The buyer gets access to information quicker and can make decisions faster

Clear Overviews

Present the absolutely most important things from your showings

Higher Conversions

In our tests we have concluded that about 70% of the people receiving the digital folders will open and look through them

Better/easier sharing

At the push of a button the folder is shared with friends and family through text messages, email and social media.

Better ways to communications

The potential buyer can place bid, call and email from the same place


We will automatically push and pull information through your system

Lower costs

Save money and time with our system


Follow up your pages with statistics, how many texts has been sent, deliverance and opening frequency.

Get clients by showing innovation

In this day and age when selers are very well educated you will have a edge if you show them how easy you reach buyers quicker