We simplify your life as a broker!

We have looked at a home showing from a modern perspective and simplified the process. Everything is digitalized for brokers, buyers and sellers.

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The process of buying and selling homes has not changed in decades. Paper, pencil, lists, folders, and manual labor. What if all this could be automated? By the help of a electronic device such as a tablet or laptop we can help you save time and money.

What we did was look at the process and we have almost automated all the steps. The only manual aspects are in places where the brokers want to have direct connect with the potential buyer. We respect soft values such as personal relationships and transparency. Let us know your needs.

Some benefits

A few of the benefits you get by using our platform

Digital Folder

At last there is an alternative to physical paper folders. Our digital folders leads the next step for home showings.

Faster clearance

Get buyers to contact you faster. Interested parties can both place bids, call and email from our digital folder.


Save lots of time by having a set and forget automatic system for distribution.

Better Reach

Reach interested parties faster, easier and smarter. In our tests we have seen user interest spike by up to 70% by using our digital plattform.

Get started

How do you like brokers do to start using our service

Step 1


Register your interest and we will take it further by phone or email.

Steg 2


We connect our system to your platform. We can integrate against anything with an API.

Step 3

Sign up Interest

Bring a tablet or mobile to your showing. Sign up interest from potential buyers.

Step 4

Continous process

Send out the text messages. Buyers will be able to see the showing folder and place bids.